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Stephane Boghossian

Stephane Boghossian


Widely trained animal scientist with a strong background in neurophysiology  of obesity, pre-diabetes and type II diabetes. I am able to use a combination of in vivo (behavioral and pharmacological studies) and molecular biology techniques (sample preparation and analysis) to design, conduct and analyse pre clinical experiments.

Specialties and skills
Design and conduct multiple experiments using animal models of diabetes, obesity and aging.
Mice and rats surgeries, stereotaxic cannulations, Intracardiac perfusion In vivo administration of compounds through different routes including intra gastric, central (icv, amygdala, hippocampus....) Feeding behavior, diet modification immunohistochemistry in vitro assays (RIA, ELISA) Cell culture, primary cell cultures Exercise Gene and protein expression assays Behavioral assay designs for anxiety, CTA, memory